New updates in the Laravel Log Enhancer package

How Laravel Ignition helped us add new features

New updates in the Laravel Log Enhancer package

With Laravel 9, a new major update of Ignition was released. And it contains many useful contextual data points that help us develop better.

And for production? As we don't (dare you!) display the error page there, we have to rely on the logs to get more info.

The Laravel Log Enhancer package is just for that. It adds contextual data to your log entries. This smallish package has helped us debug better in almost all of our client projects.


We recently released a new version v1.5.0 which adds the following new details to the logs. They are directly inspired from Ignition. Thanks to the team Spatie ๐Ÿ™Œ

Additional Git details:

We were using Monolog's GitProcessor to get the git-related details originally. But, it offers only branch name and commit id.

We replaced that with a custom code to add last commit message and a warning if there are any staged or unstaged changes in the working tree.

Application details:

Laravel already offers the powerful app() helper to play with the framework stuff. We could easily get the Laravel version, config cache status, and route cache status using it. And PHP version is also added to the stack.

You can set log_app_details to true in the config file to start logging application details.

Wrap up:

Please upgrade and take benefit of the extra logging details today. If you have any suggestions about any other stuff we can add, feel free to share.